Techno Plastic Industry chairman (SAEED SALEEM KHAWAR)

Saeed Saleem Khawar (Chairman)

Techno Plastic Industry has been providing the Omani and the global market with renowned piping systems as well as industrial piping solutions for over a decade. We are awfully proud of our success and accomplishments till date and our motto is to secure a position as a leading and renowned building materials manufacturer.

Our main focus is to maintain product quality and innovation while respecting the environment. We are continuously willing to explore mutually beneficial business partnerships with our clients and overseas dealers. It is considerably important for us to recruit, train and promote Omani professionals to deliver our clients with the best piping system.

After delivering the quality products for over 10 years with guaranteed satisfaction, we have set ourselves apart from others competition in the market. We have been through many challenges to retain the position of a leading piping system manufacturer.

Providing super quality along with a ten-year guaranteed satisfaction, we have set ourselves apart from many other competitors. There are many challenges in retaining a top position as a manufacturer in the construction industry. The team at Techno Plastic Industry is confident that they’ll totally meet these requirements and challenges which requires extensive industry knowledge, strategic planning and world-class experience and professionalism.

Mohammed Saeed Khawar (Managing Director)

Having reached fourteen active overseas markets, we are one of PPR Pipes leading companies in Middle East & Africa with a wide range of sales and after-sales services with a vast network of dealers inside Oman territory and nationwide. Looking around our website, you will see that our expertise covers the entire value chain regarding the after sales services activities and related processes.

Respect to customers and supporting the network is our company’s dynamic force, and we build on that to create and support a wide range of our services. These extensive capabilities benefit our customers in numerous ways. Whether it is supporting the network or opening up another export market, we focus on customer’s needs and strive to exceed their expectations.

We are confident, with your continued feedback and support, our quest for improvements in our service deliverables will result in high satisfaction level, and we are certain, the emplacement of their strategic initiatives, will certainly drive us forward to the world stage, in terms of our business’s cultural and commercial competitiveness.

We wish you a very rewarding journey through our website, with a wish that you will be an engaged witness to our company’s growth over the forthcoming years.

Techno Plastic Industry piping solutions (Managing Director) Mohammed Saeed Khawar