Mission, Vision and Values



Techno Plastic Industry was founded in 1998 with the mission of being a renowned and leading provider of world-class piping system solutions. We are well versed with industry knowledge and possess an ability to provide expedited delivery. We prioritise our clients’ expectation and commit them for the best in the market only.

Techno Plastic Industry LLC is a member of the Bin Hayl Group.

We understand and appreciate markets’ need which demands for more reliability, better quality, and faster service. Taking all these measures in consideration we have been bringing best- practice pipe solutions.

We provide a full range of plastic pipe system for industries, residential buildings and other general construction. This is in addition to our portable water pipes system which will work well with heating and cooling pipes systems, gas pipe systems, drainage of waste & soil water and fire sprinkler systems*.

Our Values

  • Delivering world class products to the highest standards
  • Value, Excellence in health, safety and environmental standards which satisfy customers in every aspect
  • Engineering and manufacturing introduce variety of product sizes and wall thicknesses
  • Supported by an Extensive Distribution Network
  • Quality, aims at providing World-class quality products
  • Innovation, by manufacturing new products with the help of latest technology
  • Trained Professionals Staff