Techno HDPE

System Description

Techno HDPE is a well-known system accepted for pipe installation. The product variety consists of pipes and fittings with dimensions between 20mm and 315mm. Techno HDPE is a whole soil, waste and vent machine of pipes and fittings, fabricated from high-density polyethylene (PE HD). This tough and sturdy HDPE system gives an top notch chemical resistance in combination with a excessive flexibility stage and awesome impact resistance. Techno HDPE pipes and fittings are jointed by means of welding, making the joints proof against tension. There are strategies of welding: butt welding and electro-fusion welding. most Techno HDPE products can also be used as part of terrible pressure installations like the siphonic roof drainage gadget Techno QuickStream.

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Wavin HDPE is nicely suitable to assemblies subjected to vibration. it's miles therefore best for use in seismic zones and across growth joints.

Excessive temperature resistance

Techno HDPE is proof against temperatures of as much as 90°C continuous temperature and a 100°C quick time period

UV resistance

With the addition of a percentage of carbon black, HDPE is UV-stabilised and may therefore be established exterior with out degradation problems